Cricket Cemetery Records

Cricket Cemetery Emerges from the DC Scene with a Diverse Roster and an Ambitious Release Schedule

Skylar Gudasz

Singer/songwriter Skylar Gudasz writes subtly evocative, quietly powerful songs, and performs them with an understated authority that resonates deeply with her audience.

Brett Newski

“Hi, I’m Brett Newski. I write heaps of songs and tour my face off in an effort to keep my A.D.D. under control.”

Shonna Tucker & Eye Candy

Shonna Tucker and Eye Candy’s debut album, “A Tell All” features ten songs about love and jealously, nights spent on the road and nights spent in the kitchen, the things men do to women and women do for men.

Riot Fest

Riot Fest is dedicated to bringing fans of music and fun of all ages together to celebrate rock, excellent food and the joy-bringing aspects of a carnival.

Mark Pickerel & His Praying Hands

“Tess” does not yet come with a warning label. After all, all’s fair in love and war – and who’s to say they’re not the same?

Davidson Hart Kingsbery

After a bad early divorce, he turned his back on the church, accepting damnation as the payback for a life of barroom debauchery, only to discover that the country songs he’d begun to write told stories of a different sort, that of the damnation of affairs of the heart.

Red Jacket Mine

Lincoln Barr displays a restless stylistic curiosity and unique command of his influences, masterfully whittling shards of soul, country, blues, rock, and pop into a coherent whole.

Archie Powell & the Exports

Has bemused cynicism and ennui ever been so fun? Archie Powell & the Exports have made a career of grafting prismatic power pop and sardonic, dark looks at the world outside into guileless songs with hooks galore.