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Cricket Cemetery Emerges from the DC Scene with a Diverse Roster and an Ambitious Release Schedule

Ian Thompson of Cricket Cemetery emerged from the fertile DC underground music/art scene and began his label pressing custom vinyl for punk and hardcore bands like The Shirks, Thick Skin, Beasts of No Nation, Dealbreaker and others. But Thompson is a musical polymath and he has proven it by signing local hip hop artists Uptown XO and Sean Born, avant garde duo Janel & Anthony, poppy folk duo Paint Branch, shoegazey The Tender Thrill, punkers Loud Boyz, grind metal band Purge, newcomers Putrisect, cerebral indie rock band Passing Phases and garage punks Highway Cross. Ian elaborates: “I can’t comment on the importance of local music scenes.  I’ve never really belonged to one, nor do I care.  I grew up in hardcore, punk, hip hop and indie rock but I claim no affiliation.  I affiliate myself with what I know and what I live for.  I do what I want, and I all I want is to put out records for the bands I like and not starve to death in the process. Cricket Cemetery welcomes you.”

Cricket Cemetery specializes in limited pressings, carefully assembled artwork with hand screening. The physical records are substantial both the sonic and tactile senses. Thompson’s cohort, Jason Yawn came on board close to a year ago to help make the label vision a reality. He is a former member of Trial By Fire and current guitarist/vocalist in Beasts of No Nation, who just released a split 7” with LTW and have a new album coming out on Cricket Cemetery in the first quarter of 2015.

Releases in Brief:

Paint BranchS/T 12” Out Now –  Paint Branch is John Davis and Chris Richards. Based in Washington, D.C., the duo began work on this project in December 2010, five years after the end of their previous band together, Q And Not U. Following more than a year of working on new songs, Paint Branch recorded their first album, “I Wanna Live,” in spring 2012 with Nick Anderson and Chad Clark.  SPIN premiered their video and Washington City Paper described it as “…a dignified, deeply 70’s influenced album…They know that tension matters and that small-scale tension can be just as interesting as the multilevel agitation that Q and Not U dealt in.”

The Ravagers – Debut EP Living in Oblivion Out Now – this Baltimore punk outfit have the distinction of being the label’s top seller – not suprising as their hopped up rock n’ roll brings to mind geniuses like Johnny Thunders and latter day heros the Exploding Hearts. Expect to hear more from these guys.

HOST – Death Will Claim These Tired Bones – Out Now  This five piece emerged from New Hampshire in 2010 playing extremely hostile menacing hardcore that harkens to bands like Integrity. Host released their debut and promptly disbanded but there are rumors of a reunion to perform their album. For fans of ugly metallic hardcore with nary a redemptive chord in sight.

Purge/Jarhead Fertilizer – 7” Always Faithful –  Out Now

DUNC – Cycles Cassette Tape (30 Copy Special Release) – October 31st          DUNC (one half member of the duo DTMD) says “Music is much like nature. Repeating patterns and cycles make up the natural world. This instrumental album reflects on the relationships of music and cycles that create the world we live in.”Dunc (of DTMD) has created an instrumental album entitled “Cycles.” This slice of heaven is the best companion to keep yr head bobbin as we ease into fall. It was executive produced by Andrew (Drew Kid) Flores & Charles Walsh…DUNC produced and mixed. Recommended by DeadEndHipHop.com                      Order Link 

Putrisect –  7” Chaos Awaits –  Dec 2, 2014 – Noisey/Vice called them “…the most promising new band I’ve heard this year – brutal, guttural howling vocals, killer riffs…a band to watch.” These four new songs would be right at home in the library of any Southern Lord fan.  Preorder link

Resonance Cascade – debut 10” – out Nov. 25 – They are a  Swedish grindcore band with ex-members of Crosspath, and current members of Deranged, Arkhe and Splattered Mermaids. They play old school grind and power violence with massive blast beats and virtually no melody. Preorder link

Highway Cross – 7” – Dec 2, 2014 Featuring ex-members of Majority Rule and Cloak/Dagger, Highway Cross crunchy riffs and driving rhythms that bring to mind dark, off-kilter rock bands like Drive Like Jehu as well as the straight-ahead punk of the Stooges.  December 2nd Highway Cross has a special tape release show October 17th!

Sean & Dunc – Organic 12″ w/ Bonus Tree shaped 7″ / DEC 9 2014 – Low Budget crew member Sean Born writes unfiltered raps, unvarnished tales of struggle with heavy 90’s-style production. Preorder Link

Loud Boyz 7″ / JANUARY 6 2015 – Their twin guitar attack keeps it classic but this band has an advanced degree in punk rock and hardcore. Noisey/Vice says they “…make the kind of riled up music that’s meant to be blared on rooftops…” which is a pretty apt description. The band features members of Rattler, New Rock Church of Fire and Warchild – the new record, Hard Feelings brings the anthemic power of bands like the Dictators into modern times, with a sense of humor. Preorder link

Beasts of No Nation – early 2015 – Mike Schleibaum (Darkest Hour), Jason Yawn (Trial by Fire) and Kevin Lamiell (Majority Rule, Trial By Fire) banded together to start this side project that has taken on a life of its own. They play proto punk rock, throwing down steaming 3 minute slabs of disgust with the political shitshow Americans are currently enjoying.

Cricket Cemetery: http://cricketcemetery.storenvy.com/

For music and information contact Heather West, WesternPublicity@gmail.com.

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