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Jack Oblivian

Jack Oblivian channels the spirit of proto punk as well as blues, country and junkyard rock; his songs embody haunting, echo-y swamp boogie. The new album is Rat City on Big Legal Mess Records.

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John Paul Keith

So if you’re looking for one of the best records of the year, here it is. It took John Paul Keith half his life to get the chance to be himself, but it was worth the wait.

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Miracle Parade Announces His Debut, “Hark!…And Other Lost Transmissions” June 21, 2011 on Little Record Company

Miracle Parade Announces His Debut, “Hark!…And Other Lost Transmissions” June 21, 2011 on Little Record Company

Perhaps what is at once so fragile and haunting about Hark!…And Other Lost Transmissions”, the debut album from Miracle Parade, is that it subtly finds a way into the cracks of our everyday experiences. The songs are steeped in low-fi brilliance and rustic ambience, evoking artists that shaped him: Crosby, Stills and Nash, Neil Young, The Byrds, and Judee Sill. This debut album, Hark!…And Other Lost Transmissions, will be in stores on June 21st and features 11 songs all written and performed by Christopher Pappas.

Miracle Parade began in 2010 as a studio experiment for The Everyday Visuals’ front man Christopher Pappas and has since evolved into a full-fledged alter ego for the singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist. After recording some bedroom demos, Miracle Parade caught the ear of Rilo Kiley’s bassist Pierre De Reeder, who then signed Miracle Parade to his label, Little Record Company.  Christopher moved to Los Angeles and began working on his label debut with Pierre engineering and playing keyboards in the live line-up.

Although Miracle Parade is a fairly new project, Christopher has been making music for the better part of his life. Born in the woods of New Hampshire to an artist mother and a musician father, he spent his youth writing, playing, and recording songs on his father’s old reel to reel tape machine. Since the days in his parents’ attic, this prolific artist has written countless number of songs, recorded albums, and toured all over the US. His award winning musical “Pope! An Epic Musical” has been featured in the New Yorker, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. Perhaps most remarkably, in May of 2010 Christopher made headlines in Boston when he became the first artist in history to headline the Middle East Downstairs with a 30-piece orchestra he assembled. The full orchestra, conducted by Christopher himself, premiered 3 new orchestral works that he composed.

It is this rich musical history that informs this obsessive artist’s work today. At his core, Miracle Parade’s Pappas is a storyteller whose fables explore the choices we make and the things we leave behind. The physicist who spends his life building a time machine so he can go back and not waste his life building a time machine (“The Dying Physicist”), The open letter to the son he never had because he chose the life of a traveling musician (“Son Son (Son)”), A lonely man’s nagging feeling that everyone else in the world is doing something wonderful without him. (“Sweet Tooth”)

Miracle Parade made their SXSW debut this year, performing numerous parties, including the Buzzbands LA and One Band/One Brand showcase – Los Angelenos can see the band live in support of Jenny and Johnny on April 11th at Soho in Santa Barbara, tour dates will follow.

www.miracleparade.com ~  www.littlerecordcompany.com

John Paul Keith’s The Man That Time Forgot Set For Release June 21st on Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum Records

For Immediate Release
April 11, 2011

John Paul Keith’s The Man That Time Forgot Set For Release
June 21st on Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum Records

John Paul Keith is a blistering guitarist and singer, and the kind of songwriter who makes great melodies and incredible lyrics sound effortless. His new album The Man That Time Forgot will be released on June 21st on Big Legal Mess via Fat Possum Records. Produced by Fat Possum’s Bruce Watson, it captures the spirit and energy of the live shows performed by Keith and his band the One Four Fives, but explores a wider range of themes and influences – echoes of Tex-Mex, garage rock, countrypolitan, mid-60’s soul/pop, fiery rockabilly, and even Mose Allison’s brand of jazz-blues. It’s around about the third listen the realization comes: These songs are incredible. From the Sir Douglas-like opener, “Never Could Say No”, to the wry, closing-time waltz, “The Last Last Call”, this is the work of an amazing songwriter.

John Paul Keith grew up outside of Knoxville, the son of a truck driver. He learned to sing in church and he learned to play guitar when he was ten and his father gave him an acoustic and a copy of Chuck Berry’s Golden Hits and The Best of B.B. King. It was the first music he ever heard that wasn’t country or spirituals—he didn’t hear the Beatles until he was nearly in high school. By the time he was seventeen, he was drawing big crowds in Knoxville as a member of the Viceroys, and then quit the band because he didn’t like the direction the music was headed. By twenty-one, he had moved to Nashville and formed his own band, and got signed to a major label within months. It was a meteoric rise by a kid everyone in the industry had their eyes on—and wanted their hooks in.

John Paul Keith can sum up the rest in just a few lines. He tells you nearly everything you need to know about him in the first thirty seconds of Spills and Thrills, his freewheeling 2009 debut, featuring songs so timeless and well crafted you’d swear they were obscure 50’s or 60’s B-sides. Over a swinging drumbeat and a stinging Telecaster, Keith sings, “Well, I’m right on the money, but I’m never on time / One step ahead, two steps behind / And I’ve never been lucky, and I’ve never been hip / Got a whole lotta headaches when I opened my lip.” Blessed and cursed with rare talent and common Southern stubbornness, Keith would have gone a lot further in the music industry if he only had a little less brains and a lot less integrity.

After years of frustrating peregrinations, Keith moved to Memphis and declared himself washed up at 29. But Memphis is the wrong place to go to give up music. Eventually, he fell in love with the guitar again and soon started hanging around Taylor’s Music where he met drummer John Argroves and bassist Mark E. Stuart. The nascent band decided to play some covers together in a local dive, and before long had added organist and piano player Al Gamble. Taking their name from the I-IV-V musical progression that forms the foundation of blues and rock and roll, the newly named One Four Fives gave Keith the one thing he was missing for all those years: A group of sympathetic musicians who could match his talent—and his integrity. John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives built a reputation as one of Memphis’ most ferocious bar bands. With this spirit of open-minded acceptance, support and encouragement, so special to Memphis, Keith began to write the best songs of his life.

In addition to releasing Spills And Thrills, Keith went on to tour the States opening for Memphis’ own Lucero, and then to Europe with garage-punk legend Jack Oblivian. 2009 and 2010 kept the One Four Fives busy in Memphis as well, releasing the Live At The Hi-Tone CD and two seven inch-singles. The story continues in 2011 with The Man That Time Forgot, Keith’s sophomore album for Big Legal Mess Records.

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Rilo Kiley’s Pierre de Reeder Launches Little Record Company With Four New Releases

For Immediate Release
April 25, 2011

Rilo Kiley’s Pierre de Reeder Launches Little Record Company With Four New Releases

When Rilo Kiley guitarist Pierre de Reeder became a recording studio owner, he dreamed of a Sun Studios concept, where he could record and release albums for his talented friends under one roof. After letting the idea percolate, he reactivated his dormant label (he released his solo album in 2008) and decided to get serious. “It seemed like the best way to go…not only in the practical sense, but also in the nurturing kind of family atmosphere that’s present when you are involved in every aspect.”  Some might find the constant gloomy broadcasts for the music industry discouraging, but de Reeder is undeterred. “I’m not really paying attention to the state of the market in any traditional sense…at least not as a deterrent to putting out records.  I believe in the music and that the most important thing is making it available for people.”

Little Record Company enters the fray with four exceptional new releases between now and July: the songwriter duo Heidecker & Wood, Nik Freitas, Mike Bloom and Miracle Parade.

Los Angeles-based Mike Bloom is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is  co-founder of The Elected with Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley and a member of Julian Casablancas’ band. After years of contributing to critically acclaimed recordings by Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis and others, his debut solo album King of Circles will be released June 7th. The warm, bedroom intimacy draws listeners in – there is a wealth of instrumentation and sonic detail augmenting the vocal/acoustic guitar centerpiece. Listen to Mike Bloom: http://www.myspace.com/mikebloom

Perhaps what is at once so fragile and haunting about Hark!…And Other Lost Transmissions, the debut album from Miracle Parade, is that it subtly finds a way into the creeks and cracks of our everyday experiences. The music is steeped in low-fi brilliance and rustic ambience, evoking artists that shaped him: Crosby, Stills and Nash, Neil Young, The Byrds, and Judee Sill. Woven into each harmony drenched lyric is an undeniable urgency; each song has a story it is desperate to tell, yet only has the length of the song to tell it. The album will be released June 21st. Listen to Miracle Parade: http://www.myspace.com/miracleparade

Nik Freitas is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in Los Angeles, CA.A self taught musician and engineer, Nik records and plays everything on his albums. He has released 4 records since 2002, the most recent being ‘Sun Down’ in 2008. Freitas has toured his own music extensively and has been the opening act on many U.S. tours for such bands as Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, and Azure Ray. His new album is Saturday Night Underwater. Listen to Nik Freitas: http://www.nikfreitas.com/nikfreitas.cfm

Heidecker & Wood, is the songwriting and recording duo Tim Heidecker (co-creator of “Tim and EricAwesome Show, Great Job!”) and Davin Wood (composer on “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!”) Their first release, Starting From Nowhere, consists of twelve songs written and recorded at Heidecker and Wood’s home studios over the course of two years, often with months passing between sessions. The recordings evoke the sounds of ‘70s soft rock (Eagles, Billy Joel, Doobie Brothers), singer-songwriters (Jackson Browne, Seals and Croft), and ace studio rock groups (Steely Dan, Queen). Listen to Heidecker & Wood  http://www.myspace.com/heideckerandwood

Little Record Company: http://www.littlerecordcompany.com/

Publicity for Little Record Company Artists:

MIKE BLOOM (out June 7) MIRACLE PARADE (out June 21st):
Heather West, Western Publicity, 773/301-5767, westernpublicity@gmail.com

NIK FREITAS (out June 7):
Brendan Bourke, Canvas Media, ph.  718-483-8006 c:  347-564-2927 e:  brendan@canvasmedia.ca

HEIDECKER & WOOD (available now):
Jessica Linker, Pitch Perfect PR, 773-271-6844 or 312-925-8173 jessica@pitchperfectpr.com

For Immediate Release

March 23, 2011

Michael Stipe Joins Big Star’s Third/Sister Lovers All-Star Collective, Artist/Song List Announced

Featuring Chris Stamey, Mitch Easter Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub, Jody Stephens of Big Star, R.E.M’s Mike Mills , Matthew Sweet, Tift Merritt

Saturday, March 26 at Baruch College’s Mason Hall, Presented by Scenic Presents

“…a Rosetta stone for a whole generation” Peter Buck

Big Star’s third album, Third/Sister Lovers, has long been revered by artists and critics as one of the most influential albums ever produced. Written and recorded when the legendary 70s band was primarily a studio project consisting of Alex Chilton and Jody Stephens, the third album was never been performed in public with the original string and wind orchestrations. That changed in December 2010, when an all-star band unearthed the original scores, assembled an orchestra and performed Big Star’s Third at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC. Performers that night included Jody Stephens (Big Star), Mike Mills (R.E.M.), Mitch Easter (Let’s Active), Chris Stamey (the dB’s) – the creative catharsis they experienced prompted plans for a historic concert in New York City.

Just announced is Michael Stipe of R.E.M. who’ll join a mind-boggling array of indie rock all-stars to recreate Big Star’s Third at Mason Hall at Baruch College on March 26th. Stipe will perform one of Chilton’s most iconic songs, “Kanga Roo”. The show’s line-up of songs/performers is unveiled today as well (see below).

Michael Stipe (R.E.M.) Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Mitch Easter (Let’s Active), Ira Kaplan (Yo La Tengo), Tift Merritt, Mike Mills (R.E.M.), Will Rigby (the dB’s), Matthew Sweet, Chris Stamey (the dB’s), Jody Stephens (Big Star) and will be joined by The Lost in the Trees Orchestra with Jane Scarpantoni, Django Haskins (The Old Ceremony), Brett Harris, Sidney Dixon and Matt McMichaels to recreate the original scores and breathe life into a bittersweet album that has impacted generations of musicians. As the evening unfolds, Chilton and Stephen’s musical ideas that were far ahead of their time 35 years ago will resonate in the hands of a collective of sympathetic, top-notch musicians. “We have been trying to create a concert piece that can have a life in years to come, trying to keep the spirit of the music and make it come across with the right emotions live,” Stamey told Indy Week. “There’s something about this record that connects with my generation, and apparently many generations.”

The assemblage will perform Third/Sister Lovers in its entirety – fans can expect additional Big Star and Chris Bell songs as well. “It’s easier as time passes to revisit that album because it came out of such a dark period,” Big Star drummer Jody Stephens told the Raleigh News and Observer.  “There were brilliant moments in the studio, especially Carl Marsh’s string arrangements, which really take it to a whole other world. But it could be emotionally difficult to watch certain things happen. I was so close to it at the time that I could not see what it was.”

Preparing for the performances was a challenge.  “The original written scores for the record were long missing,” Chris Stamey says. “But John Fry at Ardent Records was able to supply us with elements of the original multitrack tapes. Composer Carl Marsh, who wrote the ground-breaking charts for the original record, used these tapes to precisely re-transcribe his arrangements. And I’ve orchestrated anew some other elements of the recordings for the players, in order to recreate live some of the aleatoric studio effects.”


1.  “Kizza Me”                     MATT MCMICHAELS (from Mayflies USA)
2.  “O Dana”                        IRA KAPLAN  (Yo La Tengo)
3.  “For You”                        JODY STEPHENS (Big Star)
4.  “Nighttime”                     NORMAN BLAKE (Teenage Fanclub)
5.  “Jesus Christ”                MIKE MILLS (R.E.M.)
6.  “Take Care”                    IRA KAPLAN    (Yo La Tengo)
7.  “Big Black Car”               MATTHEW SWEET
8.  “Stroke It, Noel”              NORMAN BLAKE  (Teenage Fanclub)
9.  “Blue Moon”                    JODY STEPHENS  (Big Star)
10. “Femme Fatale”            SINGER NOT CONFIRMED
11. “Downs”                        VARIOUS
12. “Dream Lover”              TIFT MERRITT
13. “Holocaust”                    DJANGO HASKINS (The Old Ceremony”
14. “You Can’t Have Me”     TIFT MERRITT
15. “Kanga Roo”                 MICHAEL STIPE  (R.E.M.)
16. “Thank You, Friends”    VARIOUS


Baruch Performing Arts Center (at Baruch College) Mason Hall
17 Lexington (enter on 23rd St bet Lexington & 3rd Ave.)
Box Office:  (646) 312-4085
Tickets go on sale at 11:00am Thursday, February 17th
Doors @ 6pm -Show @ 7pm

For more information on Big Star Third visit: www.bigstarthird.com

For an informative article on Big Star visit: http://www.magnetmagazine.com/2002/09/08/power-pop-big-star-all-the-way-from-memphis/

For press requests contact Heather West, Western Publicity, westernpublicity@gmail.com, 773/301-5767.

The concert will benefit three musician-oriented charities:

Two “El Sistema” children’s musical education projects: the Corona Youth Music Project, Queens, NY


and KidZNotes, the El Sistema program in Durham, NC http://www.kidznotes.org/

and the New Orleans Musicians Clinic http://www.neworleansmusiciansclinic.org/

More information about El Sistema is available here: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/tavissmiley/reports/2010/12/el-sistema-from-venezuela-to-the-united-states.html