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MTV Rock Games’ Rock Band Network Features Rising Guitar Genius Cetan Clawson

For Immediate Release

August 17, 2009

MTV Games’ Rock Band Network Features Rising Guitar

Genius Cetan Clawson

Nashville Showcase Added! Cetan Plays the 5 Spot Tuesday, August 18th

Sessions with Chris Layton of SRV’s Legendary Double Trouble –

Songs to be Released as Digital 45 August 25th

Cetan Clawson’s Debut White Heat In Stores Now

“…an act of absolute genius and perfect quality musicianship. Meet the boy genius and remember his name: Cetan Clawson.” REAL DETROIT WEEKLY

Cetan Clawson will be featured in the closed beta trial of MTV Games’ Rock Band Network! Rock Band Network (created by Harmonix Music Systems and MTV Games) is a spanking new innovative network that allows artists and labels to publish their music as playable Rock Band tracks. They’ll be available through the newly created Rock Band Network Store, scheduled to launch on Rock Band 2 for the X-Box 360 before the end of 2009. The Network is currently in the beta stage, only a handful of artists have had the opportunity to train at Harmonix and learn to transcribe songs into playable Rock Band tracks. RockGamer Studios owner Miquel Molinari weighs in on Cetan, “We’re honored to author Cetan’s challenging riffs and unique style for inclusion in the Rock Band Network. To all expert guitarists we say, ‘Have fun trying to conquer this one!’ Both Cetan and his manager Ramsey Dean have been a pleasure to work with, and we hope our partnership leads to more Cetan Clawson on Rock Band in the near future.”

Cetan’s single, “White Heat” is one of a very select list of tracks that will be available as soon as the store launches.On Rock Band, users will employ the game peripherals (USB guitars, drums and microphones) to match the song’s vocals, guitar, bass and drum tracks. Users will have to match Cetan’s wild riffs and solos note-for-note, which will be challenging for even the most accomplished Rock Band virtuosos! “I think it’d be cool to see how high people score doing the guitar tricks I do on stage (playing behind their head, behind their back, etc.) and post that to Youtube,” laughed Cetan.

Cetan’s latest recordings were produced by the great blues drummer, Chris Layton, best known for his work in Double Trouble with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Storyville and the Arc Angels. Clawson remembers, “When you’re recording with someone who has played with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and so many others, it’s such a great feeling, and all around a phenomenal experience. It was a real honor working with Chris Layton and Scott Nelson.” Visit www.cetanclawson.com to see a mini-documentary with footage of the sessions, an interview with Cetan and live performances.

Cetan’s debut album, White Heat is in stores now on 8th Impression/Fontana, but since he recorded it at the wise old age of 17, he is eager to provide fans with new songs. To that end, the tunes from his session with Layton and Kenny Wayne Shepherd bassist Scott Nelson will be released as a 45 download! “Everyday Blues” and “I Wanna Try” were recorded on June 25th and 26th, and will be available through iTunes, Rhapsody, Wal-mart and Best Buy’s online stores on August 25th.

And what better time for the return of the guitar god? As kids everywhere rediscover actual playing in both the games and on YouTube, and punk stagnates in a morass of mascara and morality, Cetan doesn’t just commit heresy by playing leads; he plays them behind his head, behind his back, left-handed, right-handed, one handed and even with his teeth, boasting a style that can’t be matched by guitarist nor gamer. “I have one small chip from a slight mishap before I practiced it a lot,” he says with a laugh. “It takes a great deal of skill.” Clawson himself admits that while the game exposes “the kids” to the artistry of the guitar, he thinks that hours spent playing the game would be better as hours spent playing the actual instrument. See Cetan playing “Star Spangled Banner” with his teeth in honor of armed forces everywhere here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Akk7SnTI8A

It’s been years since John Mayer emerged as the new guitar ace whose job it was to re-introduce the blues to a younger audience. Cetan Clawson is now poised as heir to that lineage, pushing into new territory with a skill and acumen. With the national release of his debut, his new partnership with Rock Band Network and the guidance and mentorship of blues stars like Layton, Clawson is well on his way.

For tickets to the show or copies of the album, contact Heather West.


Performs The 5 Spot – Nashville, TN.

August 18th, 2009

$5 / 21+ /9p

(615) 650-9333

1006 Forrest Ave

Nashville, TN 37206


Music with a Mission: Ponderosa Stomp Foundation Teams Up with New York’s Lincoln Center to Present Three Nights with Masters of Soul, R&B and Rockabilly

American Routes To Broadcast a Ponderosa Stomp Feature Airing the Week of July 4th!

“A party on its way to becoming an institution.” -Jon Pareles, The New York Times

The Ponderosa Stomp Concert, a New Orleans musical tradition, highlights the world’s most authentic musicians of rockabilly, R&B, jazz, blues, garage, soul, funk, and swamp pop. The annual show has become a must-see event, functioning as a showcase for living musical history. The Ponderosa Stomp exists to acknowledge, pay tribute to, and teach the cultural significance of the unsung heroes and heroines of rock-n-roll, rhythm & blues and other forms of American roots music. The Stomp began when a group of like-minded friends began presenting shows at a small club; it has evolved into a multi-faceted musical, cultural and educational juggernaut. Events in New Orleans every spring include two jam-packed nights of music, a conference and symposium, film festival, record hop and now, a museum exhibit. Unsung Heroes: The Secret History of Louisiana Rock & Roll is currently on display at the Louisiana State Museum in the historic Cabildo in the heart of the French Quarter, running through May 2010.

American Routes, the nationally syndicated roots music show, recorded interviews and live performances at the New Orleans Stomp in late April 2009. As part of the 4th of July show, American Routes will air this show the week of Independence Day, listeners can visit http://americanroutes.publicradio.org/stations/ or check their local listings for specific days and times in each market.

The organization behind the show and conference, The Ponderosa Stomp Foundation, is dedicated to celebrating the legacy, revitalizing the careers and preserving the history of the architects of American music. By providing them a voice and a stage, many Stomp performers enjoy increased visibility as well as new recording and performing opportunities.

For 47 years Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts has been a national leader in programming for the arts. As presenter for 400 events annually, there are few institutions as dedicated to the preservation and performance of a myriad of musical genres, dance and other art forms. The collaboration between the Ponderosa Stomp and Lincoln Center is a perfect pairing of two organizations with a mission: to expose and celebrate incredible music and help preserve traditions with transcendent cultural value.

The first two nights of The Ponderosa Stomp at Lincoln Center, July 16th and 17th are part of Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Nights Swing, taking place at Damrosch Park. Each night kicks off with a dance lesson at 6:30 and the music starts at 7:30. Thursday night features The Get Down, a night of soul music excellence featuring William Bell, Harvey Scales, The Bobbettes and the incomparable Bo-Keys. Friday night brings rockabilly to the forefront with the Best Dance in Town, in which New Orleans wild man Joe Clay, Sun Record’s Carl Mann and the legendary brother/sister duo The Collins Kids throw down, backed by Deke Dickerson and his Eccofonics.

Sunday, July 19th, an tribute performance takes place at Alice Tully Hall in the Starr Theatre, in which a high-octane array of Stomp artists will pay musical tribute to the “Creole Beethoven”, Wardell Quezergue. Quezergue, nicknamed by Allan Toussaint, has made musical history countless times as the man behind timeless hits like “Mr. Big Stuff”, “Iko Iko” and “Chapel of Love”. A genius musician, arranger and producer who is largely unknown outside of New Orleans, Quezergue helped shape the soulful sounds of the south into international hit records. The show features R&B icons The Dixie Cups and Robert Parker; soul greats Jean Knight, Dorothy Moore, Tammy Lynn, and Tony Owens; legendary New Orleans drummer Zigaboo Modeliste; New Orleans musician, producer, and session man Mac Rebennack (Dr. John); garage-music pioneer Michael Hurtt; plus Wardell Quezergue’s Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, an all-star ten-piece band led by Quezergue himself in a rare New York appearance.

July 16th (Midsummer Night’s Swing):
Ponderosa Stomp: The Get Down

* William Bell – a principal architect of the Stax/Volt sound.
* The Bobbettes – girl group known as the ‘Harlem Queens’ known for their hit, “Mr Lee”

* Bo-Keys – authentic, greasy Memphis soul stew w/ Stax Records stars
* Harvey Scales – a hard-hitting soul man, writer of  “Disco Lady” and “Love-i-tus”

July 17th (Midsummer Night’s Swing):
Ponderosa Stomp: Best Dance In Town

* Joe Clay – New Orleans’ proto-rockabilly genius, appeared with Elvis
* The Collins Kids – 50’s TV faves, this brother/sister duo features double neck guitar pyrotechnics

* Deke Dickerson & The Eccofonics – the nitro-charged country and rockabilly specialists

* Carl Mann – Sun Records artist had his first hit with Nat King Cole’s “Mona Lisa”

July 19th (Lincoln Center Festival): A Tribute to “The Creole Beethoven,”
Wardell Quezergue, celebrated New Orleans arranger and mastermind behind
countless rhythm and blues classics. On the bill:
* The Dixie Cups – hit makers who recorded classics, “Chapel of Love” and “Iko Iko.”

* Jean Knight – New Orleans-based singer of “Mr. Big Stuff.”

* Tammy Lynn – soul singer and legendary background singer for the Rolling Stones, Dr. John, and countless others.

* Zigaboo Modeliste – New Orleans master drummer and member of funk originators the Meters.

* Dorothy Moore – Malaco Records’ soul/blues balladeer.

* Tony Owens – Lost soul king of New Orleans.

* Robert Parker – recorded his hit record, “Barefootin'” with Querzegue
* Mac Rebennack – New Orleans musician/producer/arranger/ songwriter better known as Dr. John.

Killer Luaka Bop Story in Village Voice


David Byrne’s Raucous Luaka Bop Label Turns 21

By Don Allred

Tuesday, June 9th 2009 at 2:00pm

Is “Ponta De Lança Africano (Umbabarauma)” really about where slaves arrived in Brazil? Or did I just expand a mental legend over the years, trying to explain and contain the unsettling, unsettled poise and expanse of Jorge Ben‘s rolling, grinding samba soul classic? Literally, it’s about soccer, but the key line “um ponta de lan a Africano” doesn’t match the title (“Point of the African Lance,” ouch!), but its translation-“an African point man” (also “um ponta de lan a decidio” or “a point man whose mind is made up“)-is pretty pointed, too. But it sounds like big Ben’s got all of the above and something else on his mind, that he’s listening to, listening for. Sounds like he’s still listening, and that’s catching.

Ben’s example further schooled Belize Tropical, the reputation-making debut release on Luaka Bop, the New York City label founded by David Byrne in 1988. The compilation arrived like a ship from post-bossa nova Brazil, mostly (Ben’s restless boldness aside) filled with discreetly fabulous/accomplished descendants of the tale-telling, refugee gamesters in Boccaccio’s Decameron. The crew of Belize can largely be ID’d as members of the ’60s Tropicália movement, who’d been exiled or isolated because of cultural activities that Brazil’s ruling junta found excessively international, frivolous, and otherwise weird. They grew up, in no small measure, by sharpening their wits while whetting their appetites. Intelligent pleasure heads can learn, don’t have to burn just yet. That was Boccaccio’s word to his plague- and power- (including pietism) ravaged age, and maybe Byrne’s word to the somewhat similar ’80s. Yet Byrne, Boccaccio, and Chaucer were also savvy children of their own ages’ enterprising spirit.

So, with that non-absolutist, live-and-let-earn sentiment in mind, it’s perfectly/imperfectly OK that Ben’s massively credible “Ponta” point man kicks off the 15-track celebratory retrospective 21st Century, 21st Year by landing re-fine-tuned ears on the mega-hyped, funk-lite balcony that Shuggie Otis built. Luaka Bop meant to demonstrate that resurrection was for Americans, too, so Otis’s 1974 Inspiration Information was rescued from collectors-only obscurity, and the bargain bin, and record-show prices. Anyone could slip on the listening bar’s headphones and dig how Otis played all the instruments in his nice niche just so his shaky little voice could go “Aht Uh Mi Hed,” as 21st Century‘s second track’s new third life still tells the tale. He’s leaning far out into purple keyboard clouds of what should be ease, but with a bee in his bonnet. He’s listening to it, wanting something more.

Although the next track, David Byrne’s “Fuzzy Freaky,” might be even more than Otis bargained for. As placed here by compiler Justin Carter, it must be especially harrowing for those who thought Byrne would make Luaka Bop just successful enough to fatally misrepresent the artists he reissued, reducing them to warm ‘n’ fuzzy li’l furriners and/or Tee-Headsy novelty nibbles around the edges of edginess. In this proud parody of Heads-era Byrne’s fly-eyed, jittery white-guy persona, the guy learns to dance, in a truly foreign/alien way, and celebrates with a lithe, blithe self-nibble (“It’s my body, and I’ll eat it, too”). Oh, shut up.

But you don’t really have to think about this stuff much to enjoy most of 21st Century. Marcio Local dances its theme-ness around a dreamy scenic route via “Samba Sem Nenhum Problema” (“Samba With No Problem”). Ironically, considering its truthful tag, the track is also on his excellent but tiresomely titled new Luaka Bop set, Marcio Local Says Don Day Don Dree Don Don. But that labored label kinda signifies, too, insofar as the Local lad is listening hard to his reverie of how Ben-style samba soul should be, this very afternoon. Listening till he takes his cue through the sunburst of his orchestra and yelps another acrobatic riff from way back behind the parade across his mirror shades. He’s timing it so he won’t get run over (upstaged) by the very ongoing tradition getting a recharge in his song. And indeed, Local’s afterbuzz holds its own even as Venezuelan boogie knights Los Amigos Invisibles, Cuban jazz salts Irakere, and vintage African funk’s Moussa Doumbia successively possess the rare-groovological students’ graduation procession of self-expression. (Also new on LB: Check sex collectors Los Amigos’ Comercial, which gets it on after the first quarter’s fumbling foreplay.)

21st Century also flashes several mesmerizing songs about tuning (and perhaps turning) in to your car. American Steely-Police heads Geggy Tah are eternally ecstatic about changing lanes while merging with the radio. (It worked! “Whoever You Are” was Luaka Bop’s biggest, least-obviously-recognizable-as LB-product mid-’90s micro-hit!) But all such slipstream profiles disappear in their rainlight as your attention is suddenly face-to-face with the sunny, freestyle smile of Os MutantesRita Lee, singing “Baby” in 1971 and at the close of this set. When she exclaims, “We live in the biggest city/Of South America!” every tunneling music geek in the world sees the light, just as she leads the way out of the shiny, shivery frame that Luaka Bop can’t help trying to save/re-reissue her in. “Look here . . . look what I wrote on my shirt.” Yeah, babe. Byrne on!






Screeching Weasel, NOFX, Alkaline Trio, Murder City Devils, The Dead Milkmen & Cock Sparrer To Play Riot Fest

“Riot Fest firmly established itself in 2006 as one of the best showcases for punk and underground music in the country.” Jim Derogatis, Chicago Sun Times
Five years. What does it all mean? Five years equals 25,336 fans, over 150 bands, 946 stage dives, 4 asshole bouncers, 2632 cases of beer, 172 hours in line, 1 FBI Sting, 23 business suits and too many broken ribs. That, my friends is something. For a closer look at Riot Fests past, we’ve thoughtfully provided this great video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoBNdJrCojY.

Started in 2005, the men and women of Riot Fest strive to create a festival they would love to attend, with one eye on the legendary Chicago punk scene and the other on the bands that inspire them, with a special emphasis on reunited influential bands that all fans of punk and underground music grew up with. Five years later, Riot Fest marches on in Chicago, their beloved hometown and announces their new Riot Fest West, three nights in Los Angeles!  While 2009’s entire line-up remains shrouded in mystery, a few of the mind-boggling choices for this year’s Chicago Riot Fest have been announced. Brace yourself.

Screeching Weasel, a seminal band from Chicago who took the ethos of the Ramones and added a bitter, witty twist will take the stage. NOFX will arrive from the North Bay with their explosive live show, drunken antics and anti-GOP agenda. Chicago represents with Alkaline Trio, who blossomed from the local scene and forged an international profile, releasing critically acclaimed albums. Seattle’s Murder City Devils are notorious for their drunken depravity while performing and their raw, lurid lyrics, which deal chiefly with rock n’ roll excess (especially drinking), truckers, sailors and women. Philadelphia’s satirical, snotty and irreverent The Dead Milkmen are known for their hit song, “Punk Rock Girl”, which was a favorite of MTV’s “Beavis and Butthead Show” One of the original punk bands, the UK’s Cock Sparrer will return to Chicago for the first time, since, well, no one can remember when.
Riot Fest Chicago will occur October 7-11th at Congress Theatre, Metro, Double Door, Subterranean and Cobra Lounge. A limited number of five day passes go on sale June 6th, for the low, recession-proof price of $99.00 – which will include 14 shows! Five day pass holders will have the opportunity to win tickets to one of 4 secret shows planned beginning in August and running until the Fest kicks off.

Riot Fest West takes its bow on November 12th – it runs through the 14th at four venues, Palladium, The Wiltern, Key Club and The Roxy in Los Angeles, the line-up will be announced shortly.

For press requests, contact Heather West at Western Publicity, westernpublicity@gmail.com or 773/301-5767

To Buy 5 Day Passes to Riot Fest: http://www.ticketweb.com/snl/Search.action?query=riot+fest

Website: http://www.RiotFest.org
Myspace: http://www.MySpace.com/RiotFest2005
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=1445527879&ref=ts
Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/RiotFest

Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/4903413
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoBNdJrCojY

J.B. Beverley on “Watch America Roll By” Tour

J.B. Beverley and the Wayward Drifters Watch America Roll By Tour

June 3    New York, NY
The North 4th

June 4    Pittsburgh, PA
31st Street Pub

June 5    Cambria, WI
Deer Creek Campground

June 6    Black River Falls, WI
Campout Roots Festival

June 9    Minneapolis, MN
Lee’s Liquor Lounge

June 10    Fargo, ND
Nestor Tavern

June 12    Bozeman, MT
Filling Station

June 13    Victor, ID
The Knotty Pine

June 14    West Yellowstone, MT
Stage Coach Inn

June 16 Salt Lake City, UT
Club Vegas

June 18    Sioux City, NE
Huddle Lounge

June 19    Lincoln, NE
June 20    Saybrook, IL
Shady Nook Pub

June 21    Urbana, IL
The Historic Rose Bowl Tavern
June 22    Dow, IL
Do Drop Inn

June 23    Milwaukee, WI
Club Gerabaldi

June 26    Cleveland, OH
Town Fryer – at the Agora

July 3    Frederick, MD
Old Towne Tavern

July 4    Washington DC
Washington Mall – 40th Annual Smoke In

Riot Fest

Riot Fest prides itself on cultivating a diverse line-up consisting of buzzed-about reunions, one-offs, special guest appearances and popular mainstays from punk’s rich 30 year history.

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Ponderosa Stomp

The Ponderosa Stomp Concert, a New Orleans musical tradition, highlights the world’s most authentic musicians of rockabilly, R&B, jazz, blues, garage, soul, funk, and swamp pop.

Read more